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  • We at Cambridge Humanae are first in using data-driven psychometrics for human risk assessment


    We monitor individuals in all high-risk domains:

    military, police, fire services, aviation, banking & more


    the world's first data-driven, science-backed, human risk assessment test

    PERSONA-0 is an innovative recruitment and monitoring assessment test, for detecting individuals with maladaptive stress coping strategies in high risk professions.


    The instrument has been designed to reduce time and financial costs caused by high rates of turnover and inoperative days, by selecting the most resilient and reliable individuals for sensitive roles.


    Available in English, Italian and Croatian.



    We have submitted as patent application our novel model of processing questionnaire data, focused on understanding the way an individual processes stimuli, forms memories and creates behaviours from these.

  • "International Military Testing Association conference" talks

    We presented the science behind our PERSONA project at the International Military Testing Association conference in Switzerland in September 2017. We got valuable feedback as well as praise from fellow psychologists.

  • Problem

    Risk, inoperativity, burnout and turnover hit all safety-oriented tasks.

    Reduce this now, thanks to advanced psychometric monitoring.

    80% of errors are human-driven

    19.8% of US military force report psychological issues

    44 days/year lost due to stress in the Metropolitan Police force of London

  • Benefit

    Reduce by 30% individuals in operations incapable of handling stress

  • People

    CEO & Founder

    Nico directs the executive operations of the company. He holds a M.Sc. major in artificial intelligence from Technical University of Munich and has completed professional training in Psychometrics at the University of Cambridge.

    Cristian Axenie

    Technical Advisor

    Cristian actively supports all A.I. technology development in the company. Cristian obtained his Ph.D. in Neuromorphic Engineering at Technical University of Munich, and is currently Senior Research Enginner in Big Data and Machine Learning at Huawei's European Research Center, Head of the AI for VR Lab at the AUDI Konfuzius Institute in Ingolstadt and Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the Technical University of Ingolstadt.

    Stefan Zeidler

    Business Advisor

    Stefan is the company's hand-on strategy and business advisor, with a background in project management and business development in the high tech industry. Stefan studied Business Administration at the University of St.Gallen, London School of Economics and Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München.

    Founder Institute


    Masoud Kamali


    Masoud Kamali is Managing Director and Founder of WestTech Ventures as well as Founder of S&S Media Group. An international entrepreneur by heart who has built the media group from scratch since 1995.

    Alexander Koelpin


    Alexander Kölpin is Managing Director and Partner at WestTech Ventures. He has co-founded the Berlin Web Week as well as the German Startups Group and is active in the German Startups Association and other networks.

    Fraunhofer Society