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"Human" Due Diligence for Executives:
your limited resources, in the right hands.

Artificial intelligence and psychometrics provide the solution for reliability

Management of companies have limited resources, and a large amount of possible problem solvers

Achieve exponential positive impact, by enabling only flexible & resilient executers

What we do
Cambridge Humanae Ltd. is a science-based company, developing a monitoring platform to assist upper management of enterprises with impact responsibilities, by assessing human reliability and success factors with artificial intelligence and psychometrics.
What we can do for you
  • For investors, we can assist your judgement on human reliability when evaluating investment applications.
  • For upper management of other domains, we can carry out domain-tailored pilot experiments to investigate human reliability for high risk tasks.
  • For academic/industrial institutions, we can provide in-house training, talks and workshops on the use of psychometrics for optimal team building.

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The Product


Persona is an artificial intelligence system to detect cognitive flexibility and task-related resilience, de-risking your financial, safety and impact responsibilities.

How it works

Persona applies proprietary algorithms based on logico-statistical machine learning systems on psychological survey results (provided by state-of-the-art psychometric systems developed by Cambridge University and partners).

How we do it

1) Candidates to high-risk tasks enter a monitoring process, completing in multiple moments a psychological questionnaire. 2) Persona then provides executives with a risk assessment, by analyzing patterns in both current and past data.

Use cases

Persona has a strong transferability to multiple domains, such as the investment context, aviation, the military.

Our People

Nico Kirk

Founder & CEO

Nico is a business professional with a scientific background in artificial intelligence. He has worked in multiple research positions regarding cognitive robotics, human neuromechanics, automotive traffic modelling and autonomous vehicles. Nico holds a M.Sc. major in artificial intelligence and robotics from Technical University of Munich, and a B.Eng. in computer engineering from University of Pisa. As a multilingual communicator, Nicholas has a strong drive towards understanding people, as well as creating both human and artificial synergies.
Stefan Zeidler

Business Development

Prasad Naik


Fabio Lopez


Cristian Axenie

AI & Neuroscience

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